We help turn your Photo/Film/Event production vision into Reality.

The industry needs innovators and creators who turn challenges into greater opportunities. We have an insatiable curiosity about transformative spaces that challenge the norm.

We are creatives ourselves and love hosting other creative endeavors. We care for the space like our home, she's an old building and requires a little care. When the space is not booked the space is typically used to develop our personal work in interior styling, wardrobe styling, and set design.

Our Offerings

At 5 Points Studio, there is more than just spaces. We offer a variety of services through our in-house partners that help ensure a smooth and seamless booking. Work stress free knowing we got your back and your bases are covered.

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Space Principles

  1. Transform any space to look fabulous
  2. Everything feels cohesively put together
  3. Pair knowledge with practice
  4. Formal spaces call for symmetry
  5. Balance should be easy to achieve

Artistic Principles

  1. Visual weight of lines, colors, & forms
  2. Balance without exact duplication
  3. Radial balance is considered
  4. Its purpose is to move your eye
  5. All the elements act together

The End Result

With more than 500 happy clients, we enable a community of creators. Our clients are remarkably diverse: large and small, private and public, for-profit and nonprofit.

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Interno Professional

Talented team behind our success in all our projects. Dream your interior and
our professional make your dream true

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Martin Devan

Marketing Head
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Fiona Dourif

Design Lead
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Andrew Howard

Senior Manager
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Elizabeth Debic

Senior Manager

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